About Me

Fine Art and Illustration

Welcome to my Galleries! 

I enjoy creating art that inspires the viewer to giggle. I like happy art. My paintings and drawings have an element of whimsy. I work with watercolor, acrylic, ink, pastels, colored pencil and collage. My work is a little bit of realism, a bit of abstract impressionism and very colorful.

I have been painting all of my life. I began by watching my artist mother be creative at the kitchen table. My inspiration comes from growing up in Kansas and Oregon, traveling in Europe, sailing in the Northwest, having a husband who is a natural adventurer and raising two amazing sons.

I  discovered a new and fun way to use my dried up pallets in paintings. I simply cut pieces of the pallet, selecting colors and placing them like a mosaic for buildings in the scene. I finish with pen and ink to add detail using my drawing ability. It makes the buildings pop!

I have created note cards from many of my paintings. If you see artwork and designs that interest you, please contact me. 

I would love to hear from you. My email is robin@robinspeerart.com and my phone is 503-510-6974. Thank you for visiting.

....Robin Speer